1929 ad: "A Day with the Scouts" piano collection of sheet music

. Thursday, April 3, 2014

A DAY WITH THE SCOUTS. PRICE, 60 CENTS. A clever illustrated piano collection in Grade 2 that will interest every girl or boy; containing favorite National Airs, Bugle Calls, and Classics arranged for the pianist of average ability. As publishers of better piano teaching material we offer teachers an opportunity of becoming acquainted with material by such nationally famous composers as John Thompson, Mathilde Bilbro, Helen MacGregor, Newton Swift and many others. A specially prepared analytical list of our publications will be sent gratis upon request. ORDER FROM YOUR DEALER OR FROM SCHROEDER & GUNTHER, INC. , - NEW YORK ON APPROVAL E. O. 1929 SCHROEDER & GUNTHER, INC, 17 East 45th St, N. Y. C. Gentlemen—Kindly send on approval for Sixty days, publications mentioned above. Check here if Supplementary Teaching Pieces are desired 0n approval

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