1942 ad: Call your coal dealer today

. Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Order coal now!  Because of huge burden already carried by shipping facilities, such as railroads, ships and motor truck lines, If you order your Winter’s supply NOW you will be making sure of your COAL for next Winter and doing your part to avoid congestion and shipping troubles in the country next fall. If coal is rationed by fall, you Will escape the inconvenience it will cause. Delivery of oil to Coal Mines for Oil Treatment of coal has been stopped. “Then mines use their present supply they will get no more. If you want OIL TREATED COAL order today or tomorrow. UNCLE SAM SAYS: Tomorrow may be too- late. Let’s help America Win. Fill your coal bin NOW. Industries, now carrying the heaviest burden in the country’s history, must have coal first. Every coal car may be needed in the fall to speed supplies and munitions to our fighting men. If you cooperate you may save a soldier’s life -- and you Will have your coal when you need it!

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