1950 ad: Necchi sewing machine needs no attachments

. Friday, April 18, 2014

NECCHI. The World’s Finest Sewing Machine . . . needs no attachments! * sews on nunous * EMBROIDERS * muss ANY SIZE BUTTONI'IOLE * onus * ssws ronwmw mo aevms...srmsm on ZlG-ZAG * MONOGRAMS * APPLIOUES NECCl-ll De Luxe . . . the miracle family sewing machine that requires no special attachments. Lifetime guarantee with each machine. Nationwide service. Parts always available. Choice of hand some cabinets or porlubles. (ALL YOUR LOCAL DEALER 0R WRITE FOR FREE BOOKLET ON STANDARD OR DE LUXE MODELS NECCHI SEWINC MACHINE SALES CCRP. 154 West 25th St, Dept. “New York], N. Y. In Canada: 464 McCill St, Montreal, Cuebec

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