1953 ad: Luckies Taste Better

. Saturday, April 19, 2014

See why Luckies taste better! For a cleaner, fresher, smoother smoke... Be Happy - Go Lucky! Product of the American Tobacco Company. America's leading manufacturer of cigarettes. How to prove yourself Luckies are made better -- to taste cleaner, fresher, smoother. Strip the paper from a Lucky by carefully tearing down the seam from end to end. Be sure it's from a newly opened pack and that you don't dig into the tobacco. Then gently lift out the tobacco cylinder. Free from loose ends. Here's why Luckies taste cleaner: You can see that Luckies hold together without crumbling -- without loose ends to get in your mouth and spoil the taste. Lucky Strike remains a perfect cylinder of clean tobacco -- round, firm and fully packed. Free from "hot spots." Here's why Luckies taste fresher: Note how free Luckies are from air spaces -- "hot spots" that give you a hot, harsh taste. What's more, every pack of Luckies is extra-tightly sealed to keep in Luckies' fresher taste. Here's why Luckies taste smoother: L.S./M.F.T. Lucky Strike means fine tobacco -- long strands of fine, light, naturally mild tobacco, in a cigarette that draws freely an smokes smoothly. so, for a cigarette that tastes cleaner, fresher, smoother -- make your next carton Lucky Strike!

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