1964 ad: Gerber celebrates baby week

. Monday, April 7, 2014

Does baby need a special week? Of course not! Every week is baby week for the most important people. But I think perhaps it's a nice idea. once a year, to review all the wonderful developments that have taken place for the benefit of your baby. Signs of times. Babies and baby care have come a long way since the so-called “good old days." say. of the twenties. Thanks to modem pediatric baby-care and feeding practices. Wee oms are protected by the miracles of modern medical science. Mothers have the best baby-care information at their beck and call. A wide variety of baby foods. specially prepared for maximum nutrition and early introduction. an: now available to one baby and all. Baby foods. too, have come a long way. In 1928, when Gerber lint strained baby foods. only varieties were available Today. your grocer has a tremendous selection of foods for your baby. m Now, Gerber Offers over 100 strained and junior . . foods to meet baby's nutritional needs from the infant ago through the toddler stage. First came the "staples" vegetables, cereal the somewhat more specialized food: Then, the somewhat more specialized foods: meats. dinners. juices. egg yolks. cottage cheese. etc. Finally. the linger foods: teething biscuits. toddler cookies. meat and chicken sticks. April 25— May 2 A date to remember. This is the special week your grocer puts out all his finest products on parade for your baby. Why not check your favorite store and see how many Baby Week values he has? Another good sign of the times Baby-feeding methods. like most things. change. Today. the many “not-to-he-broken" taming rules of yesterday have become more flexible. With the greater variety of specially prepared foods. today's baby-feeding is patterned to fit the physical and psychological needs of each individual baby. Daily dietary duel Two nourishing "basics" enjoyed by babies from the beginning to the end of babyhood: Gerber Cereals and Gerber Juices The cereals provide iron. calcium and B-vitamins . . . the juices. vitamin C- Five delicate cereals . . . nine refreshing juices. Baby Week is a good a lime lo try some varieties your baby may not have sampled. Babies are our business. Our only business. Gerber.

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