1964 ad: Tampax helps you feel extra security on "certain days"

. Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CASE HISTORY Subject dresses like 30. acts like 12. Is emotionally immature and unsure of herself. You've probably seen girls just like that. can't seem to not their age. Because they feel more awkward. more childish, than their contemporaries, they try to compensate with false sophistication. They overdress—use too much make-up. Yet deep down inside. They’re still  children playing at being adolescents. The secure teenager crosses each bridge as she comes to it. At some stage, for instance she elects to use Tampax internal sanitary protection. She doesn't make a big thing out of it; it shortly seems as natural as lipstick. She adds to her own security during "difficult days" by having complete freedom from bulk, odor, chafing and irritation. If you are the confident type, you're probably using Tampax already. If you lack confidence -- who knows, Tampax might help. You'll certainly feel extra security on "certain days." Millions already have. Tampax Incorporated Palmer, Massachusetts.

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