1969 ad: Life Underwear by Jockey puts an end to dull underwear

. Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This is the hip brief. This is the tapered brute shirt. This is the end of dull underwear. Here are undertogs as young as today. As alive as you. Like the hip brief. Low-slung to match the current low waistlines. $1.25 in blue, red, black or white. Tapered Brute Shirt narrows down from shoulders to hips. Sleeves and tail are a bit longer. Just $1.50. Other Life styles to see: Hi-neck Bo'sun shirt, sleeveless surf shirt, turtleneck alpine shirt, Cox'n shirt with mock turtleneck, slim guy racer, brief and knit boxer. Anybody who says underwear has to be dull doesn't know about Life. Life underwear by Jockey.

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