1970 ad: The new Toyota Corolla

. Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The new Toyota Corolla. Some people find the left rear window its most beautiful feature. $1798. That's the beauty mark you'll find on the sticker of every Corolla Sedan. But the sedan is just one version of the beautiful Corolla price. Two other Corollas have left rear windows that are just as appealing. The sporty Corolla Fastback at $1918. The roomy Corolla Wagon at a mere $1958. Yet as inexpensive as it is the Toyota Corolla doesn't rely on price alone. It has fully reclining bucket seats. It has thick wall to wall nylon carpeting. It has an all vinyl interior. To make it all the more beautiful. but one of the most beautiful surprises in the Toyota Corolla is the amount of legroom.There's not an economy car around that comes close. As for being practical, the Toyota Corolla does a beautiful job there too. with carpets that snap in and out so you can clean them easily. with front disc brakes for safer stopping. With undercoating to prevent rust, corrosion and noise. With unit construction and a limited trunk to prevent rattles and squeaks. And with a very practical sealed lubrication system to end chassis lubes forever. An economy car that comes loaded. That's the real beauty of the Toyota Corolla. But with the beautiful price of $1798 we can't blame you for being attracted to the left rear window. Toyota. We're quality oriented.

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