1986 ad: Four new typewriters from IBM

. Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Introducing four new typewriters from IBM: the Wheelwriter System/20 and System/40 and Quietwriter System/20 and System/40. The "Wheelwriter" and "Quietwriter" systems are the newest typewriters in IBM's Selectric System/2000 family. And they are designed to grow with your needs. In fact, you can't just call them typewriters, because they can do so much more. You can start with either the "Wheelwriter" System/20 or the "Quietwriter" System/20. Each has a large internal memory. To speed document revisions, each can scan through a stored document, edit, find key words and even put together material from individual document storage areas.
Each has an 80-character display that shows a full line of type. And, when you use electronic functions, the display prompts you with easy instructions. They can be upgraded easily. When you’re ready for a more powerful typewriter, you can upgrade a System/20 model of either typewriter to a System/40. I The System/40 typewriters have approximately 26K of operator-usable internal memory, plus optional removable storage cartridges for almost unlimited external memory. You can also get IBM’s exclusive Application Program Cartridges. These include Spell Check, Help and interactive Learn cartridges. Of course, the new “Wheelwriter” and “Quietwriter” Systems give you IBM quality, reliability and ease of use. Stop by an Authorized IBM Typewriter Dealer or an IBM Product Center. See why! I! is the only way to describe these new systems. No matter how you look at typing, we’re your type.

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