1986 ad: Sharp Electronic Portables

. Thursday, April 3, 2014

Four famous ghost writers on Sharp Electronic Portables. "I could have written A Tale of Three Cities" Charles Dickens. "Sharp's PA-1000 offers printing quality beyond my greatest expectations. It has a 70-character screen.... Even Oliver couldn't ask for more. It has a 2K memory, two different typefaces, automatic underlining and works with an A/C adaptor or batteries. Truly, these are the best of times." "A16-character screen. I could have reached new heights." Emily Bronte. "With Sharp's PA-950 I could have edited on screen. I could have centered, underlined and set margins automatically. I could have typed on an international keyboard. And it's so light I could have carried it myself without the help of that big lub, Heathcliff." "With one of these, Tom and Huck might have spent more time learnin' and less time fishin'" Mark Twain. "The Sharp PA-3200 has a raft of features. It has a 15 character screen, letter-quality printin', works with an AC adaptor or rechargable batteries and, make no mistake, even has a correction key Fact is, even with its carrying case, the PA-3260 is so light, it's outjump any frog in Calaveras County. And that aint no whitewash." "Mine hath a correction key so all's well that ends well," William Shakespeare. "With a Sharp PA3250 thine typing will no longer be a comedy of errors. It hath a full-page correction key, letter-quality printing, automatic indent and carrying case. it even runneth on rechargeable batteries or with an AC adaptor. Nay, one can no longer ask what tools these mortals be." Sharp.

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