1937 ad: Pinex recipe for cough syrup

. Friday, May 9, 2014

You'll never know how quickly and easily you can overcome coughs due to colds, until you try this famous recipe. It gives you four times as much cough medicine for your money and you'll find it the finest thing you ever tried for real relief. Make a syrup by stirring 2 cups of granulated sugar and one cup of water of few moments, until dissolved. No cooking needed -- it's no trouble at all. Then put 2 1/2 ounces of Pinex (obtained from any druggist) into a pint bottle. Add your syrup and you have a full pint of medicine that will amaze you by its quick action. It never spoils, lasts a family a long time, and tastes fine -- children love it. This simple mixture takes right hold of a severe cough. For real results you've never seen its equal. It loosens the phlegm, soothes the inflamed membranes and quickly eases soreness and difficult breathing. Pinex is a compound of Norway Pine, in concentrated form, famous for its prompt action in coughs and bronchial irritations. Money refunded if it doesn't please you in every way.

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