1937 ad: What an Improvement!

. Sunday, May 18, 2014

What an improvement Maybelline does make! Eyes framed by long, dark, luxuriant lashes -- twin pools of loveliness! They are your instantly and easily with Maybelline Mascara, either Solid or Cream form. here is the very essence of romantic charm. Maybellineis harmless, tear-proof, non-smarting. Not waxy, beady, or gummy. Applies simply, smoothly, gives a natural appearance. Tends to make lashes curl. More than ten million beauty-wise women from Paris to Hollywood use Maybelline regularly. 75 cents everywhere. Black, brown or blue. Use the smooth Maybelline Eyebrow pencil and creamy Maybelline Eye Shadow in flattering shades that harmonize with the mascara. Generous introductory sizes of all Maybelline eye Beauty Aids obtainable at 10 cent stores. Today -- discover the thrilling way to lovelier, more enchanting beauty -- with Maybelline -- the eye make-up in good taste.

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