1937 ad: Song in Every Kernel

. Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Song in every kernel. Geisler’s Balanced Diet of Roller Seed and genuine Egg Biscuit will keep your bird in song and health all year round. 48 years actual experience in taking care of canaries are behind these products. “I tame my bird with Geisler Egg Biscuit. All my friends envy me because of my unusual pet” Gertrude Hyde, New York City. Special Offer. Complete instruction on training your canary to sit on your finger, and full size box of Geisler’s Egg Biscuit for oly 15 cents postpaid. Geisler Bird Co., Established 1888. Department D. 50 Cooper Square, New York or 16 Geisler Building, Omaha, Nebraska.

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