1937 ad: Stuart's Laxative Compound

. Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nervous? Irritable? Can you trouble be intestinal torpor. If you're not your usual self -- tired, cross, irritable -- in many cases the trouble is Intestinal Torpor. Intestinal Torpor -- sluggish, torpid muscular activity in the intestinal tract, can often be relieved pleasantly. Don't resort to harsh, irritating cathartics. Use gentle-acting Stuart's Compound for quick, effective relief. Stuart's Laxative Compound contains non-narcotic, non-habit forming ingredients, scientifically prepared to relieve distressing Intestinal Torpor. Stuart's Laxative Compound increases the muscular activity in the intestines. It helps you properly eliminate excess body wastes in a natural, healthful way. If you have that can't-work, headachy feeling due to Intestinal Torpor -- try Stuart's Laxative Compound today! For 40 years this dependable Compound has brought quick, effective relief to millions of men and women. Get a package from your druggist today. See for yourself how much better you can feel. Stuart's laxative compound. Formerly known as Stuart's Calcium Wafers.

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