1929 ad: Get more Pupils, Greater Prestige and Larger Income

. Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More pupils. Greater prestige and larger income. By teaching in class you can contact with several hundred pupils. Contrast this with the thirty or forty taught one at a time. Just imagine several hundred children discussing you and your work in their own home and among their playmates. The Melody Way. More than 3000 teachers are teaching Melody Way in private studios in public, private and parochial school, in conservatories and in teacher's colleges. Melody way is used in te piano classes of more than 400 public school systems-- more than any other so-called class methods combined. Parents who hesitate about the expense of buying a piano gladly pay the reduced fees that Melody Way teachers can afford to charge, owing to the large size of their classes. And pupils learn far faster in groups and enjoy their lessons more. Piano and Violin. Melody Way is a sound system of teaching music to beginners both in piano and violin. Hundreds of the most successful Melody Way teachers are graduate musicians who have received their training by correspondence with the Miessner Institute. For complete details regarding your preparation and organization of piano and violin classes, mail the coupon. Miessner Institute of Music. Kimball Hall Building, 25 E. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, Illinois.

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