1937 ad: Forhan's Cleans teeth and saves gums

. Saturday, August 9, 2014

Don't let half-way care steal another tooth. Forhan's The original tooth paste for the gums and teeth by R.J. Forhan D.D.S. does both jobs. Cleans teeth. Firm, handsome teeth depend upon two things -- cleaning them thoroughly and keeping gums healthy. Even if teeth look white the tooth paste you are using may provide only half the care you need. Forhan's end this hard way cares. It whitens teeth and -- Saves Gums. Forhan's was developed by an eminent dental surgeon especially to give you double protection. When you brush your teeth, massage your gums, too, with Forhan's, rubbing it in gently with the fingers. Note how it leaves in your mouth a clean, fresh feeling! Forhan's costs no more than most ordinary tooth pastes. Try a tube today. Also sold in Canada.

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