1928 ad: Conn Band Instruments "make" the band

. Monday, September 8, 2014

"Make" the band with a Conn. You play tunes in the very first lessons with a new Conn instrument and modern methods of teaching. In a short period of pleasurable practice you are prepared to take your place in a band. In schools, colleges, lodges, legion posts, industries, communities, bands are searching for new members. You'll have plenty of opportunities for extra profit and pleasure with your Conn. Play your way through college; be in the limelight where things are happening! Conn's many exclusive features make these world-famous instruments easier to play, perfect in scale, and most beautiful in tone -- choice of the great professional artists -- yet they cost no more! Free trial on any Conn for the band or orchestra. Easy payment plan enables you to pay as you play. Send coupon for free literature and details of trial offer. No obligation to you, Act now! C.G. Conn Ltd. 913 Conn Bldg. Elkhart Indiana. Sousa uses and endorses Conn Instruments.

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