1930 ad: Free Dressmaking Lesson

. Monday, September 29, 2014

RIGHT at home, in spare time, you can learn to make all your own clothes for a half or a third of What you pay in the shops. The Woman’s Institute will teach you the secrets of designing, cutting, fitting and finishing that make the professional modiste so successful. So that you may see with your own eyes how easily you can learn through this fascinating step-by-step method we will gladly send you a 68-page sample lesson free. In words and pictures it describes the details of cutting and finishing sleeves, collars, shoulders and other difficult parts of a dress. Every page is full of helpful instructions, all so simple and complete that you can quickly master them. Just mail the coupon and we will send you this 68-page sample lesson free as well as our booklet, "Making Beautiful Clothes." Woman's Institute, Dept. 1-B Scranton Pennsylvania.

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