1930 ad: Del Monte picks the best peaches

. Sunday, October 19, 2014

What -- reject half of the peaches you had selected and taken home? Yet to make Del Monte Quality possible, we do it every day -- after taking our pick of the finest fruit -- right from the orchard. Imagine having the opportunity of walking out into the world's finest peach orchards, just when the fruit was fully ripe and luscious with juice. -- taking your pick of just the peaches you wanted. -- and then, when you got home, discarding half of the fruit you had selected because it didn't quite meet your quality ideals! Not many women would do it! Yet we do it -- every day -- in packing Del Monte fruits. No less exacting methods will make possible the perfection and flavor for which this label stands. Del Monte the finest orchard fruit. The orchards -- where Del Monte Peaches are grown -- are the finest in the world, developed from varieties most suited for canning needs. Picking in Del Monte orchards begins only when the fruit is fully ripe -- long after shipping has started to markets where the fruit is sold fresh. Only a part of the crop is selected -- fruit that measures up in appearance, size and perfection to the quality level Del Monte sets. Yet this is only a start. After selecting its fruit in the orchard, re-checking its fruit at the cannery door, there are three different times when all fruit intended for Del Monte is again sorted -- and part of it, perfectly wholesome but not measuring up to Del Monte ideals, diverted into lower grades. And what is true of the care with which Del Monte Fruits are selected and graded is equally true of its selection of just the right syrup to bring out each fruit's own natural flavor. The syrup on each Del Monte Fruit is chosen for the variety itself -- independent of any commercial standard -- the particular degree of syrup which experience has shown to best supplement the fruit's own distinctive appeal. The result is a naturalness of flavor, a tree-ripened goodness, which means more than just "quality" in its ordinary commercial sense. Back of all this of course is Del Monte's long experience and the resources which it has built up over many years. From Alaska to the Mexican border -- from Hawaii to the Middle West -- Del Monte draws the world's finest foods for your everyday table. Whether you happen to want fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, canned fish, condiments, or any one of the remarkably wide list of other prepared foods, you may be sure Del Monte has set its quality ideals just as high for all. By insisting on Del Monte you are sure of what you are getting --without lost time or argument-- at reasonable prices -- no matter when or where you buy. New Dishes for every occasion. The most convenient way to serve Del Monte Fruits of course is just as they come from the can. But don't let that make you miss the many other treats they offer. Int he Del Monte recipe collection you will find scores of suggestions for cocktails, salads and simple made-up desserts you just can't help enjoying. These books and folders -- seven of them in all -- will be sent to you without cost. Just write Det. 26-N California Packing Corporation, San Francisco California

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