1940 ad: Nervine Tablets prevent quarrels

. Wednesday, October 8, 2014

This meat's burned again! Well -- you might try cooking it yourself. And so the quarrel started! One word led to another until she was in tears and he went out slamming the door behind him. It would have never happened if both had not been nervous and keyed up. The children had been unruly, she had burned her hand. To cap the climax, the meat had burned. He had been late for work, work had gone wrong, and on the way home the old bus had blown a tire. You have off days -- days when everything seems to go wrong. Then if you find yourself getting tense, nervous, irritable, jumpy, try the soothing effect of Dr. Miles Effervescent Nervine Tablets. be sure to read full directions in every package. At your drug store. Dr. Miles Effervescent Nervine Tablets. At all drug stores. 35 cent and 75 cent sizes.

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