1940 ad: Don't let your nerves rob you of needed recreation

. Friday, November 14, 2014

Do "nerves" rob you of needed recreation? Let's go to the movies tonight. No, I'm too nervous to sit through a show. Do you ever get too nervous and keyed up to enjoy yourself at home or to go out and have a good time? Watch out! There may be a wakeful night ahead and another miserable day tomorrow. Dr. Miles Effervescent Nervine Tablets contain ingredients long recognized as a great value in the treatment and functional nervous disturbances, such as sleeplessness, nervous headache, nervous irritability and excitability. Before you let "Nerves" rob you of rest, comfort, friends or business success, get a package of Dr. Miles Effervescent Nervine Tablets. Read the direction sheet carefully and take according to directions. Dr. Miles Effervescent Nervine Tablets.

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