1927 ad: Shefte Rapid Course for Piano

. Thursday, December 4, 2014

Do you want to learn to play popular music in a few months? Shefte Rapid Course for Piano in 3 volumes. A positive revelation. A legitimate musical work that has the endorsement of America's best teachers and pianists. Begins with the very beginning of the study of music fundamentally and musically correct and beyond criticism. All dry uninteresting matter omitted. Explains and illustrates what you need to know to play popular music and syncopation via the shortest route. Why waste time and money studying what you will not need to use in playing popular music in all its forms? You learn to play almost immediately. Your teacher or your dealer can supply you or get it direct from us. Forster Music Publisher Inc. 218 South Wabash Ave., Chicago Illinois. Shefte Rapid Course. Start today and you'll be playing almost tomorrow.

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