1940 ad: Take Dr. Miles Nervine after a Hectic day

. Tuesday, December 2, 2014

After a hectic day. That's the telephone -- no it's the doorbell. I'll never have dinner on time. Take Dr. Miles Nervine. Broken rest last night, a little spat with Jim at breakfast, grease spilled on the dining room rug, telephone and door bell jangling every few minutes. But why go on? We all have our "off" days. Dr. Miles Nervine brings soothing relief when you are Nervous, Irritable, Excitable, sleepless or restless. It has been making good in millions of American homes for nearly sixty years. If you have never used Dr. Miles Nervine, try it. If you have, check up on your supply now. Be sure to read directions on package. At your drug store in 25 cent and $1.00 bottles. Dr. Miles Liquid Nervine.

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