1947 ad: Speed Drill Flash Cards for Piano

. Monday, December 15, 2014

Piano teachers! Speed Drills (flash cards) for teaching beginners sight reading. Complete set of 32 cards, keyboard finder and book of instructions only 50 cents. Sight-playing easily and quickly learned by tiny tots, or beginners of any age, with these speed drill cards. Makes teaching easier and quicker for class or individual instruction. An advanced step. Speed drills are an advanced step in aiding the student to quickly identify the notes on the staff with the key on the piano. These handy cards stress visual accuracy, recognition of the keyboard positions, producing rapid visual, mental and muscular coordination. The large notes make vivid mental pictures. This feature is important, but best of all children like Speed Drills. They should be used at the first lesson and the pupil should have a set for daily home practice. Sight-playing is becoming more and more of a requirement of pianists, and students at the very start should be trained to attain it. Speed drills will lay the foundation for proficient sight playing. Get yours today -- Speed Drills may be obtained from your local music dealer, or send direct to us, the publishers. Complete set of 32 cards with instructions only 50 cents. Jenkins Music Company, Kansas City 6, Missouri.

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