1908 Sears Catalog Ad: The Faultless "Wearever" Combination Syringe and Hot water bottle

. Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Faultless "Wearever" Combination Syringe and Hot water bottle. Guaranteed full capacity. An up to date departure from antiquated ideas. An article combining the best features of the most approved styles of fountain syringes, together with the advantages of a durable and serviceable hot water bottle. Made from the finest of maroon rubber, tastefully trimmed and reinforced with specially selected native black rubber, making it the most attractive combination on the market. We add to the bottle a generous length of pure red rubber tubing, harmonizing with the general color scheme and quality; a patent shut off. Four pipes of extra fine quality hard rubber, consisting of one infant pipe, one rectal pipe, one fluted and bent vaginal pipe, and one fluted irrigator pipe, all of which have been made according to designs furnished by the foremost physicians. Our purpose in making this the most durable as well as attractive article of its kind ever offered has been carried even to the accessories. This combination should not be compared to any other on the market. In a class by itself. Its demonstrated positive merits have made it already the most popular and best seller ever offered. The very best in quality and attractiveness and efficiency. Will outwear any three of the cheaper kind and can always be depended upon when needed. It pays to buy the best. All syringes being used for personal purposes cannot, after once used be returned for credit or exchange unless defective in some particular.

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